I expect to see people interacting starting tomorrow. If someone doesn’t post something tomorrow, I will remove them. 

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You know what, I’m pretty sure we’ve determined who is going to be active.

Whoever liked the post, are staying. Whoever didn’t, sorry you will have to reaudition. 

Unfollow everyone EXCEPT FOR:

Those not on the list, should be unfollowed! Also, I’m not going to allow 2 characters for a while. I’m pretty sure no one has double characters anymore so. 

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Tomorrow at 6pm I will start posting characters.

If you still want to be here, and want me to add your character, please like this! 

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I absolutely hate doing this.

This has been my most successful rp so far but now I’m barely online, I feel terrible for suddenly losing passion for my rp but it was just too much, so many characters and stuff. I’ve tried the co-admin thing and it obviously didn’t work and I noticed that for the last few weeks, people have joined and then disappeared within a few days, as well as when I promo’d not one person came onto the main where it was normally 3 or more, and getting the odd questions. 

I know there are people here who are attached to the rp who are still here and I really thank you for sticking around! I love you guys! But I hate it when rps are being dragged along. I’ve been in a rp that was being dragged and trust me, it’s like trying to make someone who is dying do track and field. 

I thought of the revamping thing but I don’t think the college thing would have even worked. I didn’t want to just change up the entire rp on you guys, like adding something exotic to it since that would be weird and would get confusing. 

I’m going to do what I think is for the best and say that this roleplay is now closed. I’m REALLY sorry to everyone, once again, thank you and I love you guys! I just don’t find it fair to let people join or let you guys stick around in a dead rp. This is not a last minute decision, I have been considering it for the last few days and I didn’t know what to say. 

This doesn’t mean you guys have to give up your characters all together, you guys can continue as a 1x1, 2x2 or whatever! Once again, we’ve had a lot of fun roleplaying together and I really hope we can sometime soon! 

If you guys want to keep in contact my personals are:



Just message me saying who you are and I’ll follow you! It doesn’t matter what fandom your blog is! (Yes I have two personals, I felt 1D should be separated from Batman/Doctor who)

If you guys would like to keep on roleplaying together, this is pretty much the only rp I’m going to really run now:


It’s a Doctor who kind of rp. I haven’t uploaded everyone yet, but if you want to create your own character, go right ahead! 

Once again, I’m so sorry. This is the worst part about being an admin, having the close the rp at an appropriate time. 

I’m not saying Goodbye though, since goodbye means forgetting and forgetting means letting go. Sorry, I have issues.

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1 year ago


Characters who are 16 and under are still in high school. They’ll just be in a higher grade. 

Characters who are 17 and over, will be in college. 

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So I’ve decided I’m going to do a time skip!

January 1st, everyone will be in college instead of high school!

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Anonymous → Natalie Puckerman's open correct?

Yes she is! :)

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Activity check:

The following have 24 hours to post something:

Please unfollow:

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Hey guys,

Wanna know part of the reason why the dash is so quiet. It’s because people post things but aren’t replying to things. When someone posts something, REPLY to it. Don’t ignore them. Starting from when I get home, if someone posts something and there are other starters and you don’t reply to at least one of the starters, it will be a strike. 3 strikes and you’re out and Im not even going to give warnings anymore. If you reach the third strike, Im just going to tell people to unfollow your character/s and sorry, no second chances because Ive given too many. 

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